The Spanish-Jamaican Foundation remains steadfast in its support for Spanish Language learning – with another JMD 1 Million in support to Teachers’ Colleges.

The Spanish-Jamaican Foundation has remained steadfast in its support for Spanish language learning, and has once again awarded scholarships to 20 pre-service teachers studying for their diplomas and degrees in the teaching of Spanish.

For the fourth consecutive year, student—teachers from Sam Sharpe, Shortwood and Church Teacher’s College gathered together for a recognition ceremony in their honour. SJF General Manager, Karen Donaldson who made the presentations, explained that these scholarships, totalling JMD I Million, are an annual event and represent one of the many ways in which The SJF supports teachers of Spanish. “We are confident that these Awardees are being well prepared by the Teachers’ Colleges, to positively contribute to the broader demands of society on a global level, by increasing the number of Spanish speakers in the Jamaican workforce.”

Chairperson of the Modern Languages Board of Studies, Aracelis Anedu expressed gratitude to The SJF for easing the financial challenges of the student-teachers, and congratulated the Awardees on their dedication and accomplishments to date. She encouraged them to inspire others with their passion, and gave kudos to their lecturers whose expertise and devotedness have helped to positively influence their educational journeys.

The pre-service teachers, who were selected based on their academic achievements, leadership attributes and community service involvement, received their bursaries on January 28, at Church Teachers’ College in Mandeville. All will automatically become “SJF Youth Ambassadors” who are invited to volunteer in community outreach activities across the island.

This SJF scholarship initiative began in 2012 as a “Jamaica 50” project and has continued each year since, awarding scholarships valued at JMD$50,000 each. This year The SJF has also sponsored the CSEC Oral exam fees, valued at JMD$1,165,600.00 for all students sitting Spanish in the parishes of St. Ann, Trelawny, Westmoreland, St. James and Hanover. Additional scholarships, amounting to over a Million dollars more, were recently awarded to students of HEART College of Hospitality Services, Montego Bay Community College and later this year students of UWIDEF (UWI Development and Endowment Fund), will again benefit. This brings the total sponsorship support to those studying Spanish this year, to over 3 Million.

The Spanish-Jamaican Foundation (SJF) whose motto is “Cuidar, Apoyar, Educar” (Caring, Supporting, Educating); fosters partnerships between Spain and Jamaica through educational, cultural, environmental and community development initiatives. It was founded in 2006 by Spanish investors in Jamaica. Learn more at