Spanish-Jamaican Foundation hosts exam practice

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The Spanish-Jamaican Foundation (SJF), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI) and the National Association of Spanish Teachers (ANPE), recently launched the fifth staging of Spanish Immersion Days at the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Library.

These Immersion Days seek to provide Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) students with tools to assist them in their upcoming oral examinations, traditionally one of the more challenging tests for Jamaican students.

“The goal is to provide students of Spanish with the opportunity to practise listening to, and speaking with, native speakers with the guidance of trained CSEC teachers and pre-service teachers. The focus is to create fun and inclusive ways to strengthen student preparation and to raise awareness of the benefits of learning the language,”said Vanessa Meggoe, SJF project manager.

“Many of these students may not have been able to travel to a Spanish-speaking country or to engage a Spanish speaker in their natural communication style, so, through the participating embassies, we are delighted to bring the countries and their cultural nuances right to their doorsteps,” Meggoe added.

In Kingston, the SJF received the support of six missions of Spanish-speaking countries, namely Spain, Colombia, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Panama. Present were Roberto Garcia Marquez, ambassador of Colombia; Bernardo Guanche, ambassador of Cuba; Jose Tomas Ares, ambassador of the Dominican Republic; Cecilia Jaber, ambassador of Mexico; Alexis Sandoval, ambassador of Panama, and others.

More than 12 high schools were represented, including Jamaica College, St Hugh’s, Charlie Smith, Seaforth, Holy Trinity, Camperdown, Edith Dalton James, St Thomas Technical, Buff Bay, Excelsior, Mona, Kingston Technical, Annotto Bay, Meadowbrook, and Happy Grove.

Students visited the booths of each participating country where they participated in a question-and-answer session with embassy representatives before having their ‘passport’ stamped. The booths also showcased vibrant displays and students learnt pertinent facts about each country.