The Spanish-Jamaican Foundation (SJF) was created in 2006 as a non-profit organization of goodwill, intended to deepen the friendship between the people of Spain and Jamaica.

The SJF Mission

To strengthen partnerships between Spain and Jamaica through sustainable participation in educational, cultural, environmental and health-based initiatives that contribute to community development.

The SJF Vision

To ensure Jamaican communities, particularly those in close proximity to the Spanish member companies, benefit from improved access to:
Quality education
Increased cultural awareness
Greater social integration

Our Objectives

To promote:

Social, educational, cultural and community-based projects to encourage the fight against poverty.
Projects to enhance the common history of both nations, and to support greater recognition of heritage and historical sites.
Cultural, educational and other exchanges and collaborations between the two nations.

Our Commitment

The Spanish-Jamaican Foundation thanks the people of Jamaica, the Government and the Opposition as well as other institutions and companies, and the media for the warm welcome and great hospitality that the Spanish companies have enjoyed since their entry into Jamaica, expressing their strong commitment to help to make Jamaica a prosperous country offering abundant opportunities.

Our projects are concrete and intended to support Jamaicans in need.